Custom Entrance Statement / Plaque
24 Raw 1

Entrance Plaques

Product Description

Handcrafted number for address entry.  Item is not for sale (unless you happen to live at No.24 !!) Example only of partial ‘3D block’ numerals combined, and set into, a feature backing plate.

Stone from 2 separate suppliers have been combined here to create the 2 tone effect, as well as the introduction of 2 textures as a further highlight /feature; something we feel is a bit ‘signature’ of many Ministry of Stone designs.

The variables available are endless….mix and match stone suppliers, tones, textures, shapes, thicknesses, fonts etc.

Available with suitable wall mounting system or fixings for self installation, we could mount it for you, or we can come to site and set it into the wall (recessed in).

Item is shown pre sealed with an ‘Enhancing’ sealant. Inset photo shows original raw state of product prior to sealing.