Stone lettering and signwriting projects are rarely handcrafted in this modern day. CNC Machines, sandblasting and even being ‘cut’ by computer assisted high pressure water jets are common methods used to complete these tasks. Our opinion is that the results often lack an element of ‘human’ feel. Can be somewhat clinical – void of character. Often presenting as too perfect and therefore clearly created by machine.

Ministry of Stone strives to keep the more traditional options of handcrafted lettering and signwriting alive. Utilising the incredible beauty of a multitude of natural Australian stone products as the canvas to create your personal numerical or lettering ‘statement’.

Endless Possibilities

As with all services Ministry of Stone offer, stone lettering and signwriting projects come with their own multitude of options to choose from;

  • start with your base choice from the 3 main styles – “Traditional V Cut”, “Raised” or “3D-Block”
  • select from a huge array of 100% natural raw Australian stone product from reputable local and interstate boutique quarries
  • select from Australian sandstone, siltstone and  granite. Other stone considered – must be 100% natural Australian quarried stone
  • mix stone types, tones, introduce different heights / ‘layers’, add backing plates or bases, and vary textures as to create further interest
  • all texts,  fonts / scripts considered
  • sealant choices can provide even more variation – possibilities of enhancing tones

We can work closely with you to help you  better understand all the options and make a decision that’s right for you. In the meantime, we have included some of our previous projects to inspire.

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