Stone fire pits are an area that Ministry of Stone are keen to continue developing. We are currently heavily involved in the research and development of outdoor, handmade, customised GAS (Natural or LPG) Pit Fires…that are 100% compliant.

We are developing projects utilizing the warm beauty of 100% natural Australian sandstone as the home for Australian Standard compliant “Burners”. Unlike the prototype pit fires shown, all future Burners Kits that are to be used in our constructions have been conceived, designed, researched, developed and made here in Australia. These products are set to provide unique and more naturally exquisite outdoor light displays.

Bringing ambience outside

A perfect way to bring that extra touch of class and ambience to the outdoors.100% Australian sandstone can take on yet another amazing transformation and display of natural beauty when correctly lit. Especially when used in conjunction with a lighting element such as that created by a naked flame.

Spoilt for Choice

Ministry of Stone will shortly be presenting freestanding outdoor stone fire pits and stone pit fire tables that will typically offer the client an amazing array of options;

  • choice of 6 Burner Kit sizes to choose from – 500 & 700 mm diameter Round, 450 & 600mm Square as well as 400 x 600 and 400 x 800mm Rectangular.
  • burner components are made from marine grade stainless steel to maximise longevity
  • remote control, manual, 24v or 240v Electric ignition options available
  • no flue required
  • glass flame protection barrier option
  • pebble, glass, scoria media options – as well as driftwood (natural gas only)

Consider all these variables and options, mixed with those typically offered by the actual stone housing itself, and we believe you will be pretty spoilt for choice.

We can work closely with you to help you  better understand all the options and make a decision that’s right for you.

This is one area of our website that I imagine will change and grow a lot in the near future. Please come back regularly to check on developments.

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