Sandstone bowls (and pots) are such a naturally beautiful way to present an array of displays. Whether they’re for plant display purposes or as a method to include the use of water within a space, they seem to attract remarkably positive comments. Bowls, pots and display trays can also be appropriately sealed in order to handle certain food types.


Sandstone bowls and pots  are a great area where we tend to experiment. Once a sandstone bowls intended ‘purpose’ is determined we can investigate the multitude of variables and almost endless options.

Size – depth, width, diameter etc. are where the possibilities begin. Then we are able to play with options in stone selection that contribute to basic tone. Textures can now be considered, and there is no shortage of variables there either. Choices of ‘base’ design – creating “shadow lines”.  How about drainage ?. How are we best to protect the surfaces it will rest on – felt protection, nylon pads?

We can work closely with you to help you  better understand all the options and make a decision that’s right for you. In the meantime, we have included some of our current stock below. Ready to purchase or inspire.