About Ministry of Stone

Ministry of Stone is a Sydney based company that designs, creates and installs Australian sandstone products and projects.

We specialise in handcrafted sandstone carvings, bowls, pots, lighting, furniture, sign writing, lettering and numbering and many other options for interior and exterior styling and function. Ministry of Stone also offers a diverse range of landscape stonemasonry services such as walls, paving, steps, water features, carvings and gas fuelled fire pits.

Our current collection from our website can be purchased by contacting us and we can also customise our work to suit your requirements.

We are also able to work with granite, basalt and other stone, providing the stone is quarried in Australia.

Handcrafted and Natural

Natural sandstone products and projects are hard to come by in todays age of mass produced engineered stone.  Ministry of Stone uses 100% natural sandstone and we do not use petro chemical based stone products such as ‘Reconstituted’ or ‘Engineered’ Stone.  

At Ministry of Stone the handcrafted aspect of what we do is important. We do not use ‘CNC’ machines, Lathes, computer, digitally assisted or automated equipment in the production of our sandstone products or projects.

Australian Sandstone

Australia Sandstone sourced by Ministry of Stone comes from the industry’s most reputable boutique quarries from local and interstate regions.  Sandstone is the hereditary stone of our Sydney region and is very highly regarded in comparison to global sandstones.

Australian sandstone is very versatile. Each piece is also as unique as a human fingerprint. Shades and tones are diverse, sometimes prominent, sometimes warm and subtle, providing us an opportunity for texture, contrast and colour.

Depending on its particular use, each individual project is bound to offer at least a few of the following beneficial characteristics:

  • engineering properties – high Mpa capabilities, strength and longevity as a construction material
  • thermal value – cool underfoot outdoors in summer in comparison to alternate man made products (clay, concrete)
  •  non slip applications when maintained – rates highly in slip resistance standards.
  • fire / heat resistant – highly non combustible material
  • a symbolically prestigious material
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • 100% recyclable – it is 100% naturally organic after all!!

Our Expertise

Kris Cadogan is the General Manager of Ministry of Stone and has over 24 years experience in the structural landscaping industry – specialising in landscape related stone projects.

Kris personally crafts all commissioned and signature creations and is on site for the entire duration of all engagements involving any landscape stonemasonry.

As a teacher of landscape stonemasonry at a leading Sydney college for over a decade, Kris understands how to combine technical knowledge with creative flair to produce a unique, high end look. This depth of experience, combined with time spent working with Stonemasons in Ireland has resulted in exposure to varying techniques and influential styles.

Our Workshop

Off-site projects are created at our workshop located just north of Sydney city. A combination of traditional tools are blended with modern equipment and methodologies. This fusion of old and new has helped Ministry of Stone to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with this incredible natural product.

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